"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate working with you and your agency. Your assistance with paperwork makes my life so much easier."

case manager of a man with Employer Agent Services

"FA is always quick with responses and willing to help anytime we ask for it. In large part because of FA, the bill paying process is finally coordinated."

guardian of a man with disabilities with Rep Payee services

"Partnering with FA was critical to the growth of the SDS program in Dane County. The flexibility to meet the needs of the system while maintaining the personal contact with our participants allowed the program to grow from 25 participants to 1200."

Dan Rossiter, Dane County Human Services (ret.)


"You are Working

You have many clients
Are some big money giants
Protective payee...its a new science
Do you have a good alliance
You make sure they have an appliance
Some shoot back in defiance
You produce much reliance.

You make sure of a needed crib
Possibly many a bib
You don't fall for any glib
An out and out fib
You put down his royal nib
Some get under your bothersome rib
Put it in writing - do not ad lib
Prime rib - yikes prime rib
Many a meaty spare rib
Good for goodness sake - all for women's lib.

Its official
Its really judicial
For all concerned - it is beneficial
It is not prejudicial
Nothing is superficial
I do protective payee work in no way unofficial."

a poem by a participant who receives Rep Payee services