Social Security Administrations (SSA) Representative Payee Program provides financial management for the Social Security and SSI payments of its beneficiaries who are unable to manage their benefits.

Fiscal Assistance, Inc. (FA) is an organizational payee that will:

  • Receive your SSA benefits on your behalf and pay your current needs, which will include: housing and utilities, food, medical and dental expenses, personal care items and clothing.
  • Establish a monthly budget detailing these expenses and will adjust as necessary to ensure the necessities are paid according to SSA guidelines.
  • Work closely with your and your care team and/or guardian to ensure current living expenses and needs are met.
  • Track account balances for SSI beneficiaries to ensure eligibility for all SSA programs.
  • Offer a pay card for your personal spending allowance when a bank account is not available.
  • Provide a statement each month, detailing your income and expenses and your month-end balance to your support team.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and reports to SSA to maintain your eligibility for benefits and for your peace of mind.
  • Assist with filing for the Federal Earned Income Credit and the Wisconsin Homestead Credit, when applicable.

Fiscal Assistance, Inc. is able to provide professional and courteous service because of the creativity, training and dedication of our staff to the people we serve. We have a strong commitment to improve the financial lives of all the individuals that we serve.

A monthly fee may be charged based on guidelines provided by the Social Security Administration and may be adjusted at the beginning of each year.

Representative Payee Services