Call ahead for an appointment
Clients deserve our full attention when they come to our office. Since we serve a large number of people, the only way to guarantee the best service is to have an appointment. Most business can usually be conducted in one visit; however, additional visits will be set, if needed.

Bring all bills, bank statements, pay stubs, and financial questions
We will go over all of the finances and make decisions together. If there is anything that the client does not understand, we will work together to help answer the questions. We believe that clients have the right to be fully informed about all of their financial matters and we work together to make that happen.

Call with your questions
Most questions can usually be answered during office hours with a simple phone call to our office at 608-846-7058. Messages can be left on voice mail. Be sure to leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached.

Treat each other with respect
We believe that everyone is important, and hope that our clients do too. We expect that differences of opinion will be handled in a calm and respectful manner. Since this is a business office, we will not tolerate yelling, swearing or other disruptive behaviors. If an individual will not discontinue an offensive behavior upon request, Fiscal Assistance, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the payee relationship.

Provide one month notice to discontinue service
At any time, either party may discontinue the representative payee service after providing the other party with a one month's notice. This allows us to contact the Social Security Administration about the change and gives the client time to find another payee.

Representative Payee Guidelines