This Employment model empowers people with long term care needs to stay in their own home, and to choose and employ care givers of their choice within their individualized budget.  The participant becomes the employer of record with decision-making authority over hiring, firing training, and scheduling qualified caregivers.  The participant/employer receives the care they need, when they need it from people they know and trust.  The participant/employer designates Fiscal Assistance, Inc.  (FA) as the Employer Agent.

As the Employer Agent, FA is appointed to comply with many of the administrative employer obligations of processing payroll and related employer paperwork, so the participant/employer has peace of mind that an expert is handling those duties on their behalf.

As the Self-Directed Employer Agent, FA will:

  • Assist with completing initial employer enrollment paperwork
  • Assist with completing initial employee paperwork
  • Complete background checks on all potential employees
  • Provide worker’s compensation insurance
  • Process timesheets and payroll for all employees
  • Offer a debit/paycard for direct deposit when a bank account is not available
  • File federal and state related taxes
  • Issue year-end W-2’s to each employee
  • Complete employment verification information on behalf of the employer
  • Help monitor individual authorized budgets
  • Assist with updating employment paperwork when needed

Fiscal Assistance has been providing Employer Agent services since 2005.  The Employer Agent staff at FA is committed to supporting Self-Directed Services and providing individualized, timely and excellent customer service.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist the participant, their employees and support teams every step of the way.

FA is a member of the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS) and serves on the Fiscal Management services steering committee.  This committee provides guidance to the NRCPDS in developing best practices throughout the nation. 

Self-Directed Employer Agent Services